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Our Donor Coordinator  

Valerie McMorris our Company Owner and Donor Coordinator has over 16 years of experience working in the area of GYN/Infertility and Egg Donation. Valerie has first-hand knowledge of the egg donation process and will assist Intended parents and egg donors through personal experience, education and support and encouragement throughout this most important search. 

Ms. McMorris Specializes is offering personalized attention to Intended Parents seeking Egg Donors, As well as to Egg Donors who wish to begin the process of Egg Donation. 
Valerie will help make your choice to pursue Egg Donation as comfortable and approachable as possible! 

Donor Services would like to address the unique needs of each intended Parent which may mean that we adjust our approach to specifically suit your needs in your search for the perfect Egg Donor.  

Our goal is to help Intended Parents choose a wonderful egg donor. Whether you are seeking an egg donor to work with your surrogate/gestational carrier or to work with you for your own cycle of egg donor IVF we are happy to help you find the perfect egg donor!  

We will present egg donor profiles to you from our data base as well as advertise specifically for you targeting individuals with characteristics you are seeking in an egg donor.  

Donor Services provides Anonymous and Directed Egg Donation. And we will help guide you through the egg donation experience.  Valerie takes a very personal and compassionate approach to her work and is an expert in the area of egg donor recruitment and selection.

Contact Donor Services of NY today.
We look forward to helping you find the right egg donor for you to help your dreams of a completed family come true.
We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!


Past Recipient:
"After multiple miscarriages & failed invitro attempts our doctor connected us with Valerie.The decision to use a donor was not an easy one. After my first conversation with Valerie, many of my concerns faded away. She is warm, compassionate, patient & realistic. Infertility can be an isolating experience. Valerie became a very important emotional support for me. Tomorrow I will be seven weeks pregnant. Thank you Valerie."

Donor Testimonial:
"The process of donation (medications, office visits & retrieval) was easier than I imagined it would be. I’m happy to know that I made a positive contribution in someone else’s life. I recommend Egg Donation to other women as a way of helping with expenses while doing something very good for someone else."

Clinical Psychologist 
"Valerie McMorris is a seasoned professional who brings expertise & psychological sophistication to her work. She is knowledgeable about the process & well-connected to medical providers in the field. 
I am impressed by her understanding of the intricacies of her clients journeys toward parenthood. 
I recommend her highly & would not hesitate to refer patients or friends to her."
Penny Donnenfeld, Ph.D.

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor or working with an Egg Donor in the New York City Area
             Please Contact Donor Services Today We can Help!

A past Recipient writes:
"Valerie McMorris, my donor coordinator, has a wonderful Spirit! We met over a year and half ago when I found out that my eggs were no longer viable. Our initial call lasted about 90 minutes as she explained to me the donor process. I thought that once she forwarded her the information and we set up the appointments her job would be done.

She made herself available to me, and listened to me when I was down, up, or you name it. Valerie was determined that I was going to become a mommy and we were not done until that happened. Valerie believed for the both of us when I was doubting myself. I thought I would never find a donor fit for me.

I went through several donors that did not work out. I felt defeated on all fronts due to a series of life changing events- as I sat in the company conference room speaking to Valerie, holding back my tears thinking this was an omen but Valerie stayed on the phone with me until I pulled myself together.

I truly thought Valerie would finally say "I have done all I can do for you," but she stood by me through the initial excitement, the disappointment, and every human emotion that pops up when one is trying to conceive. Valerie had transcended donor representative to become a friend.

We found not just a donor but the perfect donor for me. I took one look and I knew.
Valerie is a true professional in every aspect of the word - troubleshooting, talking to doctors, breaking down terminology I didn’t understand. I am forever grateful for her passion and love for her job, and for her patience and wisdom. I have no words to describe how honored I am to have her in my life. Today I am happy to say I am pregnant and looking forward to motherhood."

Recipient couples and potential Egg Donor Recipients often ask me how they might disclose to their future children that they worked with an egg donor to conceive pregnancy.  As this topic is so important to the narrative that parents share with their children, I asked Nora Spielman, a wonderful psychotherapist who practices in New York City, to discuss this topic as an introduction to parents or parents-to-be as they contemplate this issue:

Nora Spielman is a psychotherapist in private practice in New York City who works closely with patients dealing with fertility issues.
On what we know is often an incredibly difficult journey, you may now be contemplating using an egg donor. Or perhaps you have decided to proceed with a donor, and are in treatment or planning to start treatment in the near future. Some of you may already be pregnant with the help of an egg donor, and have now arrived at a place where joy, light, and excitement can begin finding their way in to what previously may have felt like a very lonely, isolated, frustrating, overwhelming place…although this good news can also bring with it a different kind of confusion, and a whole new batch of questions and unknowns. Regardless of where you are in this process, congratulations on making it this far: What many of you have already lived through often qualifies as one of the single most trying times in a woman’s life. 

The decision to use an egg donor does not come easily for many, and often requires a long and uncomfortable process of self-reflection, identity exploration, adaptation, adjustment, interpersonal challenges, and a constant reconfiguration of expectations about how things were “supposed” to be. To get here, many women have endured a lengthy and arduous experience in the fertility world, one that is draining on every level: emotionally, psychologically, physically, and financially – you may still be feeling depleted and fragile from everything that led to this point. Under these circumstances, there is certainly no need to have the answers to the tough questions just yet. However, we do know that one of the most pressing questions for many egg donor recipients remains whether or not to disclose this information to friends, family, and ultimately, the child.

This is an incredibly personal decision and completely up to you. (Please see here for an example of one woman’s story and what she learned during her investigation into this topic: Much of fertility treatment is invasive and violating; it often robs individuals and couples of their privacy and physical intimacy, and can create feelings of extreme vulnerability and exposure. The desire to maintain privacy around your decision to use an egg donor can be a very natural one, one designed to protect you, your partner if applicable, and your child from questions, judgments, and opinions, as well as to preserve the sanctity of your growing family and parent-child relationship(s). If you choose not to disclose, that choice typically requires a commitment to blanket secrecy, to telling absolutely no one in your life, given the likelihood that any form of disclosure to any party may mean that you cannot contain that information or control whether it is shared. It can be a heavy burden for some; for this reason, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s (ASRM) current stance is to encourage disclosure (

Some of you may be leaning toward disclosure or are planning to disclose, and are grappling with how to tackle this subject matter with your [future] child. Remember this, first and foremost: It takes a special soul to fight through the rigors of fertility issues and treatment, a warrior of the utmost resilience. The same character and mettle that brought you here will make you exceedingly equipped to handle the new challenges that lie ahead around parenting and, more specifically, parenting a child conceived from a donor egg. As amazing a gift as it is, it can also feel quite scary and fraught with unique responsibility. As mentioned above, the ASRM supports disclosing to your child that he or she is the product of a donor egg. We also know that this dialogue is an ongoing one that requires education and nuance. It is important to remember that your donor merely provided a gift of microscopic genetic material: YOU are the parent, even “biologically,” as you will be/are/were the one gestating and nurturing your pregnancy (unless you are using a gestational carrier, of course).  

The mechanics of disclosure are complex and have much to do with your child as an individual, and where he or she is in various developmental stages. His or her ability to comprehend this information will depend on many factors, but at any stage, a child can begin to grasp the basic concept. An understanding of the fundamentals of conception and childbirth will come first, then eventually a communication of the essence of the most important message of all: You loved your child so much, even before you met him or her, that mommy (and partner, if applicable) was so thrilled for the opportunity to bring him or her into the world, she was willing to accept a little extra help. Children are incredibly adaptive, and the focal point is normalizing the idea that families are created and composed in many different and wonderful ways. 

There are countless books written for small children on the topic of conception, including It’s Not the Stork by Robie H. Harris and, Where Did I Come From? by Peter Mayle. Once the groundwork is laid, you can begin fleshing out more specifically how your pregnancy journey was special. Fortunately, there are also numerous children’s books geared toward helping you share this information with your child in age-appropriate language (please see here for a comprehensive list of recommended books: Your child ideally will not remember a time when this was not a part of his or her personal story, and will accept it as much as any other part of your family history. Your love, patience, compassion and understanding – which are traits you have already proven you possess in spades – will be your child’s guiding force. The next chapter of your adventure awaits, so try to embrace it in all its distinct beauty and wonder! 

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please feel free to contact Nora Spielman at 
(917) 968-0436 or


*If you are a Recipient Patient and you are seeking Financial assistance for your cycle of Egg Donation- please ask our Donor Coordinator: Valerie McMorris about companies that offer loan assistance for Donor Egg IVF Cycles.

A past Egg Donor writes:
“In terms of the cycle itself, and the medications I took, I was surprised at how little the meds affected my body- I guess, I had expected to feel sick, but the shots barely affected me.  My donation was a positive experience and it was easier than I thought it would be.

As a Donor Coordinator, Valerie was fabulous.  Having been a donor herself, she really understood the process and all the questions I had.  She made me feel very comfortable during the entire process.  The screening can be somewhat long (and careful, and that is a good thing), but it can also be sort of frustrating: the donor wants the cycle to happen quickly and the recipient couple wants to be pregnant as soon as possible- Valerie understands that, and did a great job of expediting the process and getting the cycle started.

A past recipient writes:
"If someone had told us three years ago when we started our infertility journey that we would use an egg donor, we would not have believed them. After multiple miscarriages, chemical pregnancies and failed invitro attempts, our doctor connected us with Valerie. 

Initially, the decision to use a donor was not an easy one for us. After my first conversation with Valerie, many of my concerns faded away. She is warm, compassionate, patient and realistic. We had many lengthy conversations, where she would answer all my questions, calm me down and make me feel better. I never felt rushed off the phone or like my concerns were silly. Infertility can be an isolating experience. We didn't share our situation with family and friends. Valerie became a very important emotional support for me. 

We had some ups and downs in finding the right donor. Through it all, Valerie kept me informed every step of the way and continued to encourage us not to give up. Our donor had a limited time frame of availability. Valerie worked closely with the doctors office to make sure appointments stayed on track and things moved forward. Tomorrow I will be seven weeks pregnant. For the first time in three years, my husband and I are optimistic about the outcome. Without Valerie, we would not be finally starting our family. Valerie, I can't thank you enough for all you did for us. And because of Valerie, Donor Services of NY is the best Egg Donor Recruiting agency in New York City."  

A Past Recipient Writes:
"I cannot say enough about Valerie. She is professional, kind, personable and compassionate. Valerie is incredibly detail oriented and has complete ownership of her subject. She is also very intuitive and perceptive and is therefore able to anticipate, and meet her clients needs completely. I can't recommend her highly enough." 

Reproductive Endocrinologist
Dr. Andrea Vidali writes:

"Over the years I have worked with many egg donation agencies, but I must say that Valerie McMorris of Donor Services of NY has always come through as one of the most candid and honest people working in the very challenging environment of Egg Donor IVF. 

It goes without saying, that Valerie is a true expert in the area of Egg Donor Recruitment and Selection. Anyone seeking to start a new egg donation program, or expand an existing program should seek out Ms. McMorris as an experienced and reliable Egg Donor Coordinator, Recruiter and Consultant. I give Valerie my highest recommendation."

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