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Choosing an Egg Donor
We want to help you choose a wonderful egg donor! Our goal is to help recipients and recipient couples feel good about choosing the right egg donor for them! We will help to make the process as comfortable and approachable as possible.

We have hundreds of donor candidates on file living within the New York City
tri-state area -with more applying daily.

We offer anonymous donation for couples and donors that are more comfortable with anonymity. And the process is entirely confidential. Should a recipient have questions to ask a donor candidate beyond the information provided in the donor profile we will forward those questions to the donor and offer the recipient her responses as soon as she replies. We would like to help, in any way that we are able, to create a positive and rewarding experience for both donors and recipients.

Donor Services works with several area IVF programs to recruit egg donors for their programs and we are also happy to work with local recipients or recipient couples that come to us seeking an anonymous egg donor to work with their own IVF physician.

General Information about Egg Donor Screening

The donors in our Donor IVF Program are between the ages of 21-28 years.  Donors must go through a lengthy screening process before they are accepted into an IVF program.  They must be proven to be healthy, both physically and psychologically. 

Potential donors will complete questionnaires disclosing information about their family history, personal health history, sexual activity, drug usage, medical background, prescription and over the counter medication taken on a daily basis, child bearing history, educational background, and areas of hobbies, skill and/or interests outside their chosen field.

Donor Services does not screen donors medically.  Once a couple has decided upon a donor candidate the donor will be referred to the IVF Center where the recipient goes for treatment. The recipient's IVF doctor will perform Egg Donor medical screening. Donors must be screened for Sexually transmitted diseases, hormone levels, Ultrasound scans, various other bloods tests, toxicology, pap smear and cultures, as well as specific genetic mutation tests based upon the heritage of the donor, and all donors undergo a Psychological evaluation.

Once you’ve chosen an anonymous egg donor that you would like to cycle with, we will forward a matching contract to you to work with that donor. There is a one time matching fee for matching the anonymous egg donor to a recipient. Once the contract and payment have been received we will forward the donors application and verification of identity materials to the New York City IVF Physician of your choice. Your physician will begin medical screening for the anonymous egg donor.

We guarantee that should the donor prove unacceptable in the any way, that we will work with the recipient to choose a new donor candidate of their choice at no additional cost.

There is no financial obligation to review profiles and to see if we have an egg donor match for you at this time. For more information about choosing an egg donor please contact us today!

 A past recipient writes:
“Initially, I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the task to choose an egg donor but Valerie, our Donor Coordinator was very helpful and compassionate and I felt comfortable working with her.  We chose a donor that had wonderful qualities and seemed very much like me and my sisters in personality.  I was amazed at how excited my husband and I became once we had chosen our egg donor.  We are now very proud parents of a beautiful baby boy!  After years of trying to conceive the miracle of this baby in our lives is something that blesses us every day.”

Another Recipient Writes:

"When I finally resigned myself to the fact the only way for me to give birth to a baby was to use a donor's egg my first thought was.... where do I find a reputable agency? I began my search online looking at several agencies. I came across many that seem to create additional and unnecessarily costly steps to an already difficult process. I found most places to be expensive and not personable. I knew I needed to work with someone who would be understanding and sensitive to how important it was for me to find the right donor.

When I found Donor Services it was simple, easy and effortless. I spoke with my doctor and she gave me confidence, she had not only heard of them but worked with them in the past and they were in fact a good agency to deal with. After our initial screening they had us fill out questionnaires and almost immediately I begin to receive profiles of potential donors. Within a few short months we found the perfect donor match! I began this journey skeptical and ended it with a donor's egg who I was more excited about placing inside of me than my very own. I knew her eggs would be viable and would give us the best shot at having a family. We are currently five months pregnant with twins and couldn't be happier. Donor Services made everything simple, effortless and possible for us to have the family we so badly wanted. I will be forever thankful that I got to work with what I believe is the best donor agency in New York City."

A Past Recipient Writes:
"Both my husband and I had an amazing experience working with Donor Services, Valerie was very in tune as to what exactly we were looking for and as well was extremely helpful at guiding us to the right Egg Donor to help us accomplish our dreams. I can honestly say we are very proud parents today! I cannot say enough how wonderful our experience was working with Valerie McMorris at Donor Services."

Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Penny B. Donnenfeld Writes:

"Valerie McMorris is a seasoned professional who brings expertise and psychological sophistication to her work. She is knowledgeable about the process and well-connected to medical providers in the field. 

As a clinical psychologist working with couples around fertility issues, I am impressed by her understanding of the intricacies of her clients "journeys" toward parenthood. 
I recommend her highly and would not hesitate to refer patients or friends to her." 

Penny B. Donnenfeld, Ph.D. 


Help us to help you find a wonderful anonymous egg donor. Please complete the recipient questionnaire describing
qualities you are seeking in an egg donor. If you are seeking a donor similar in appearance to the recipient female please forward photos of the recipient female.

Recipient Questionnaire

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